Retail Safety Training

Give your retail employees the confidence they know how to be safe and protect themselves.

Working in retail is generally a safe occupation for most people. However, there are risks due to social stresses and government regulations that can create a stressful customer engagement scenario very quickly. It is your duty of care to ensure that your employers feel safe in the workplace.

Do your staff have to deal with; difficult clients, onsite / home visits, mental health, cash handling, loss prevention, working away from home? Having appropriate training and safety plans is vital to your brand, your staff, and your clients. Staff safety is apriority you cannot ignore.

We offer a positive, safe and time-efficient one-off workshop that provides practical training specific to the retail environment. Suitable for anybody – any age, shape, fitness level, or training experience or perhaps you want to integrate Self Protection and safety into your employee induction programme.

Empower yourself. Empower your employees.

Enquire now about booking a one off workshop or to find out how to integrate self defence into yoru employee induction programme.

I found the course empowering. It made me feel more confident in myself to deal with situations that might arise.

AlyanaYouth Workshop

I found the course empowering. It made me feel more confident in myself to deal with situations that might arise.

JodieYouth workshop

It was really valuable-it wasn’t just about self-defence but the course also taught about not feeling vunerable and feeling safe. It was an awesome day.

LilyYouth Workshop

It was great to act out risky situations and find ways to defend ourselves.

BrookeYouth Workshop

Practical ways to protect if attacked.

Women Empowered

..simple effective techniques…was great!!

Women Empowered

..Fantastic class. Thank you it was great…

Women Empowered

Self Defence is taught as an absolute last resort and as a technique for you to remove yourself from the situation. It’s about confidence and how to engage with a positive mindset.

  1. What is the law as it relates to Self Defence,

  2. How to deal with aggressive customers, de-escalate the situation first then,

  3. Create an exit strategy and if required how to use very basic Self-Defence techniques to facilitate that exit.

Who is Self Defence Training for?

A Self Defence & Protection course is ideal for any staff of any business that has the possibility of being confronted by angry customers or members of the public. This should be of particular interest to those organisations that have staff going into people’s homes, for example, lone workers. This is not about creating self-defence experts this is about giving people some basic tools to help create an exit strategy in confrontational situations.