Self Defence Classes & Workshops.

SMA Self Defence classes & workshops are all about practical learning delivered by our knowledgeable and passionate instructors. The classes & workshops deliver you hands-on experience where you can learn fast, effective and easy to remember techniques that can give you the self-defence edge to survive the worst-case scenarios.

Each workshop can be tailored to suit any business type and is a great team-building, health and Safety or Workplace Wellness programme tool.

Our classes & workshops are built around four key principles:

  1. Detect – Awareness and Avoidance
  2. De-escalation and communication
  3. Defence – Physical engagement
  4. Escape & Aftermath

Understanding the behaviour, emotional and psychological effects of an escalating aggressive person is half the battle. Knowing how to recognise potential danger and avoid it before an escalation is one of the best defensive weapons you can have.

SMA Self Defence will educate & empower your self protection.