About us.

SMA Self Defence Classes & workshops are all about practical learning delivered by our knowledgeable and passionate instructors. The workshops deliver you hands-on experience where you can learn fast, effective and easy to remember techniques that can give you the self-defence edge to survive the worst-case scenarios.

Unfortunately, even in New Zealand, Bullying, Rape, Domestic, School and workplace violence are on the increase. With a little bit of knowledge, SMA Self defence students will be able to feel safer at home, on the street, in the school playground and at their place of work.

Each workshop can be tailored to suit any business type and is a great team-building, Health and Safety or Workplace Wellness programme tool.

Our workshops and programmes are built around four key principles:

  1. Detect – Awareness and Avoidance
  2. De-escalation and communication
  3. Defend – Physical engagement
  4. Escape & Aftermath

Understanding the behaviour, emotional and psychological effects of an escalating aggressive person is half the battle. Knowing how to recognise potential danger and avoid it before an escalation is one of the best defensive weapons you can have.

SMA Self Defence will educate & empower your self protection.


Each SMA Self Defence module gives you the tools to protect yourself and strike back if you end up in the situation of being attacked or physically assaulted. Awareness of your surroundings, positioning, what situations to avoid, preparedness for escalation are all covered. The biggest thing though is preparing yourself mentally for what is about to happen.

You will be shown a combination of dirty street tactics, close quarter combat, kickboxing, and martial arts techniques that will give you options. When combined with de-escalation techniques, use of everyday items and possible weapons you have a well-rounded program. What we teach is continually revised and tested ensuring that you learn modern, effective and easy to learn ways to defend yourself.

kind regards

Chris Cameron
Head Instructor & Owner

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